Lower lumbar support pillow – Does it really work?

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You have heard a lot about a lumbar support cushion but you don’t know whether it is really capable of soothing the lower back pain that frequently bothers you? What lumbar support for an office chair is the best one? These questions are often asked to consider certain criteria for choosing the best lumbar support for an office chair or car:

  1. orthopedic or ergonomic design;
  2. breathable fabric for outer cover (3D mesh fabric is preferable);
  3. memory foam insert that will mold to the curves of one’s back;
  4. a zipper to remove the cover for cleaning;
  5. an adjustable strap that is elastic enough to fit a chair of any size.

Lower lumbar support pillow and its popularity

Orthopedic or ergonomic pillow for the lower back is quite a popular product nowadays when people move less and spend most of the day sitting at their working places or in cars. The cushion of this type appeared on the market just a few years ago, but it has quickly gained popularity. At present, those people who have already discovered a lower lumbar support pillow can’t imagine their lives without it.

The popularity of such a pillow is not surprising. Because of the sedentary lifestyle, various spine diseases became common not only for the middle-aged or elderly people but, as well, young generation that tends to spend more time in a sitting position, so many think about the prevention of these diseases.

And since time and effort are never enough to properly take care of one’s health (for example, the same therapeutic gymnastics can be done instead of the regular morning physical exercises), most of the orthopedic products are practically doomed to success. Some of the reasons why ergonomic support and comfort items become more and more successful are the following:

  • Doctors and therapists see a lot of benefits in using these support products as they enhance and extend their care of one’s health to home, office, and car;
  • Different health care groups are better informing the elderly people and those with disabilities of the advantages of such ergonomic support aids;
  • The growing interest of people all around the globe for self-care and orthopedic supportive products, like lower lumbar support pillow.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services states that “about 80 percent of Americans experience low back pain (LBP) in their lifetime”. Not surprisingly that many people see the lumbar support cushion to be a sort of life jacket which helps prevent pain in the lower back or get rid of it. That is the reason why lumbar support for an office chair and a car seat is among the most demanded orthopedic products on the market in the US and not only.

Lower back support pillow – When to use it?

Low back pain is a phenomenon familiar to those who have to spend a lot of time in a sitting position. So, drivers and office workers who spend many hours a day at their desks half-bent over their keyboards are the most vulnerable to lower back pain. Sitting in the same place in an unnatural and unhealthy position for your spine is the most frequent, but not the only one, risk factor for the development of the common back diseases. Naturally, it is for them has been focused orthopedic lumbar pillow. They were the first who tried it, and they were the first to give their reviews.

To the great delight of everyone, the reviews were positive, and that is, in principle, not surprising at all. The ergonomic pillow is designed in the way to follow the natural curves of one’s back and is intended:

  1. to unload the lumbar spine in a sitting position;
  2. to reduce pain in the lower back position.

The task of such a pillow is quite simple – to ensure the preservation of the natural curvature of the spine in the lower back, which is when sitting in an ordinary office chair or car seat takes the unnatural position, causing disruption of the normal functioning of the spine. Extra lumbar support for an office chair or car allows to unload the lumbar area of the back, making it less tired, and a person feels comfortable all the time while sitting.

The multiple positive feedbacks and reviews of the people who have already bought a lumbar support pillow and constantly use it in their daily lives prove that the pillow really works:

“Even though I work from home, I often spend 10+ hours in an office/desk chair almost every day so this is a MUST for me. My back doesn’t like me very much by the end of my workday. This cushion has made sitting for long hours and lot more bearable and my back hasn’t been hurting at all.” (Chalmond Fashew)

“I sit at a computer all day, literally, and my back often bothers me. This pillow has taken a lot of stress off of my lower back, and has even alleviated the stress that builds up in my shoulders.” (Jai Jinendra)

“I spend all day in a wheelchair. So when it comes to knowing if a back pillow works or not, (I am a pro). I am the judge and jury of ergonomic pillows also. … With a spinal cord disease I have a lot of pain but this pillow has eased so much of the pain in the lowest portion of my back.” (Tammy W.)

Read the full reviews following the link and get more information about the lumbar pillow.

As any orthopedic supportive aid, a low back pillow has its indications for usage, and they are the following:

  • pain in the lumbar area during prolonged sitting;
  • muscle tension in the lower back;
  • chronic sciatica;
  • osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine with pain syndrome;
  • lumbar scoliosis;
  • unhealthy posture;
  • injuries and diseases of the lumbar and lower thoracic spine;
  • rheumatoid arthritis;
  • degenerative disc disease.

A lower back pillow is considered to be the best lumbar support for an office chair or car and the best investment into one’s lumbar health. It is great for working at computer, driving, and anyone who sits!