Lower back pillow – Get rid of the annoying back pain!

Lower back pillow - Get rid of the annoying back pain!

Most of you spend a lot of time sitting, especially if you are an office worker, a driver, a computer gamer, or a student. Even at the moment you’re sitting in front of the computer and reading our blog. Thank you for that, but right now we are going to talk about you and your health that doesn’t strengthen in a sitting position, rather, vice versa, because nature has created us to move while civilization attracts us more and more to a sedentary lifestyle.

Pillow for lower back pain – Who needs it?

Who is more prone to pain in the lumbar area and back problems in general? Honestly speaking, almost everyone is. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services states that 8 in 10 Americans experience lower back pain at some point in their lifetime. It is as well estimated that each year:

  • 15-20 percent of the population develop protracted back pain;
  • 2-8 percent have chronic back pain (pain that lasts more than 3 months);
  • 3-4 percent of the population is temporarily disabled due to back pain;
  • 1 percent of the working-age population is disabled completely and permanently as a result of lower back pain.

Americans spend at least $50 billion each year on treatment of lower back pain, and it is the:

  • Second leading cause of lost work time (after the common cold);
  • Third most common reason to undergo a surgical procedure;
  • Fifth most frequent cause of hospitalization.

The statistics are really very disappointing. The reason for lower back pain being common for the majority of people is that they tend to spend a lot of time sitting in one position at home while watching TV or working on the computer, at their desks in the offices, or in cars. We move less, and much strain is put on the muscles of our backs.

So, right now you’re sitting in front of the computer. Think of your posture! Is it a healthy one? Are you sitting straight with your shoulders broad? Most of the office workers start their day sitting quite straight. Then, some time passes, and they begin slouching a little bit. Afternoon, things get even worse. They bend over their keyboards feeling that annoying back pain in the lumbar. So, bad posture leads to muscle tension in the lower back, and that is the most common reason people feel pain.

The orthopedic lower back pain pillow for an office chair or car seat will serve as excellent prevention or treatment of the common lower back pain. The main goal of such a pillow is to maintain the spine in the correct physiological position.

Healthy posture is very important because even the slightest bending in a sitting position results in an uneven distribution of the load on the spine, leading to excessive tension on the muscles and joint compounds. If the weight is redistributed evenly, the muscle tone is maintained in a normal state, and the joints don’t experience congestion.

The construction of the lower back pillow

The lower back pain pillow for an office chair or car seat has a specific orthopedic design to gently support one’s lower back and take some of the load off you’re lower thoracic and lumbosacral regions of the spine arising from prolonged sitting while working, studying or driving. The best lumbar support pillow has the following features:

  1. The anatomic shape of the pillow follows the natural curves of the lumbar spine, thereby supporting the lower back and thoracic spine in physiologically correct alignment.
  2. Distinct side bolsters perform lateral support and prevent lateral displacement keeping one’s back in a healthy position all the time while sitting.
  3. Highly resilient memory foam molds itself to the individual curves of one’s back supporting evenly its every bend and bone.
  4. The optimum height of the base allows the use of the pillow even since the age of 10.
  5. The adjustable elastic strap allows fitting the pillow firmly at a height that is the most suitable and convenient for your back. The pillow won’t slip off the chair or car seat, giving your lumbar spine great support.

The positive feedbacks of the people who have already tried the pillow for lower back pain prove that it’s a worthwhile medical aid in everyday life.

The proper fixation of the lumbar support pillow

The lower back pillow can be used during the whole working day and long car trips or bus tours as an effective supportive medical aid that brings comfort and pain relief to your lumbar spine. To get the most out of its usage, the pillow should be fixed in the proper way.

Once you have bought the pillow, attach it to the office chair, car or bus seat with the help of the adjustable strap on its other side. Sit down in the chair and move the pillow at a height that is convenient for your lower back. The strap is tight enough to hold the pillow at a fixed height so that it won’t slide down, and you will get the optimal comfort and support while sitting.

You can use the lower back pain pillow without being strapped, for example, while sitting on the sofa (You can even lean it against the wall if needed!), but, in this case, you need to lean against the pillow in order to hold it in place. While sitting in a chair, for optimal support, it is better to place the pillow a little bit higher above the seat, and the elastic strap is needed to adjust it to the chair and keep in the same position assuring that the pillow won’t slide down on its own.

The orthopedic pillow for lower back pain is perfect for the smooth and straight-backed chairs, office chairs or car seats without built-in non-adjustable supports in the lumbar region.

Lower back pillow – When to start using it?

Everyone knows that the best treatment of any back disease is its prevention. Nevertheless, most of the people start thinking of their health when the problem arises and becomes evident. They spend a lot of money on medicines to solve their back issues, poisoning the bodies with chemical elements.

In recent years self-caring of one’s health has become more popular, and, as a result, more people try to keep their bodies fit. They prefer using orthopedic supportive aids to prevent common back problems rather than to take medicines. Many people ask when the lower back pain pillow is worthwhile to use, and the orthopedic health specialists give the following recommendations:

  1. If you sit at work or in a car for prolonged periods of time and don’t suffer from lower back pain yet, a lumbar support pillow will be great for preventing it from happening further on.
  2. In case you feel discomfort or some inconveniences in your lumbar area, have frequent headaches and get tired quickly, then it’s high time to think of getting the lower back support, otherwise, you may feel even worse and the pain will change from mild to severe.
  3. If you don’t have pain in the lumbar area but notice that you take unhealthy posture or slouch while seated in a chair too long, the ergonomic pillow will help you correct lordosis and keep the curvature of the spine in the proper position, thus, preventing scoliosis.
  4. This orthopedic pillow is great as an attendant supportive aid during the recovery from different back injuries as it reduces stress on the muscles and, therefore, alleviates pain.
  5. Extra lumbar support is recommended for complex treatment of the following back disorders: deformation, displacement or infringement of the vertebral discs, chronic sciatica, osteochondrosis, protrusion, and herniated disc, and lower back pain syndromes of different etiologies.

The orthopedic lower lumbar support pillow and coccyx seat cushion are recommended for perfectly healthy people for prevention of pathologies of the spine and improvement of their general health when performing sedentary work, as well as for the treatment of the complex lower back disorders.